Royalty Reporting Tools

SoundExchange Reporting

The new royalty determination requires that reporting be done on a performance basis. Our system can provide you with the statistics required by the new rules. Our 'Syrinx Broadcaster' software connects to your automation system software and records each time that a song is played by your station and records the number of listeners that are connected during the duration of the performance.

Sample royalty performance report:


Sample log file:


What you get

Timely Statistics: We provide weekly and monthly statistics that allow you to view detailed and aggregate totals for your performances. You will finally know exactly how much is due before the check needs to be written. You will also be able to know that the numbers that you report are accurate and not simple estimations that have you paying too much.

Raw Logs: For reporting purposes and in the case of an audit, you have access to the raw logs that contain the detailed data. With this information you will be able to provide hard verification of your reported numbers.

Integrated with Stream Protection: If you are using our “Premium Broadcaster Package”, use also have the ability to secure your stream so that users must access your broadcast from your stations player. This will prevent the stream from being hijacked and reducing your ability to monetize your traffic.